Barb offers a variety of keynotes and active workshops around the world, for higher education, business, and K–12 schools. Events range from 12–2,000 attendees, from a one-hour to a three-day workshop. She also consults with corporations worldwide to help them move into the vibrant world of modern learning based on solid scientific research. Virtual webinars are also available.

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Khalifa University (August 22-26)

On 22nd August 2022 at Abu Dhabi

Fundación Mustakis

On 26th August 2022 at Santiago, Chile (webinar)

Effective Ways to Teach and Learn During War

On 1st September 2022 at webinar for Ukraine

Progressive Community; The biggest community of higher education workers in Ukraine.


USP Zdrowie

On 5th September 2022 at (Webinar)

Coding Bootcamp webinar Class Central

On 8th September 2022 at

32BJ Training Fund

On 10th September 2022 at

Community Colleges of Spokane

On 14th September 2022 at Spokane, Washington (webinar)

South Plains College (webinars) Sep 16 and Sep 23

On 16th September 2022 at


On 24th September 2022 at Dublin, Ireland


Longyearbyen School (World’s Northernmost K-12 School)

On 27th September 2022 at Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway.

LWMOOCS 2022, September 28-30

On 28th September 2022 at Antigua, Guatemala

Learning in Vietnam (ETS Data)

On 10th November 2022 at Hanoi, Vietnam

Universitas Negeri Makassar (Makassar State University)

On 15th November 2022 at Makassar, Indonesia (webinar)

Mannkal 25th Anniversary event

On 26th November 2022 at Perth, Australia (in person

Keynote speaker for LearnTech Conference

On 30th November 2022 at Perth, Australia, in-person event


Engineering Institute of Technology Keynote

On 30th November 2022 at Perth, Australia

Book Barb to speak

Book Barb to speak

Dr. Oakley has given the opening keynote for the Harvard-MIT-Dana Alliance "Learning and the Brain" conference, and spoken at venues as varied as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, UCLA, the University of Tokyo, the University of Sao Paulo, Novartis, the Air Force Academy, Google Headquarters in Silicon Valley, Baidu Headquarters in Beijing, the Financial Times in London and Hitchwood Capital Management LP in Manhattan. She has appeared on shows ranging from Ira Flatow’s NPR Science Friday to Bloomberg News. Her op-eds have appeared in such publications as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

If you're interested in having Barb headline an event at your institution or for your organization, or for consulting to move your corporation into cutting-edge approaches to becoming a learning organization, please reach out through the following contact:


Past events

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