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Learning How to Learn

How to Succeed in School Without Spending All Your Time Studying; A Guide for Kids and Teens

The bestseller A Mind for Numbers has been revamped in this edition for kids and teens to teach them simple tricks to learn difficult subjects–whether they feel like good students or not. Surprisingly, this book goes deeper in many ways than A Mind for Numbers—even as the powerful illustrations add more fun!

A Mind for Numbers and its wildly popular online companion course “Learning How to Learn” have empowered learners of all ages from around the world to master subjects that they once struggled with. Now in this new book for kids and teens, the authors show them how to make the most of the time they spend studying. After all, what better time to figure out how to learn most effectively than when you’re still in school?

We all have the tools to learn what might not seem to come naturally to us at first—the secret is to understand how the brain works so we can unlock its power. This book explains:

*  Why sometimes letting your mind wander is an important part of the learning process
*  How to avoid “rut think” in order to think outside the box
*  Why having a poor memory can be a good thing
*  The value of metaphors in developing understanding
*  Why procrastination is the enemy of problem-solving

Filled with illustrations, application questions, and exercises, this book makes learning easy and fun. Available August 7th, 2018—preorder to get your copy before school begins!

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