Launch of the Uncommon Sense Teaching Specialization!

9th September 2022

Special Cheery Friday Greetings from Learning How to Learn!

If you’ve been wondering why our Cheery Friday emails have been a bit sparse lately, you need wonder no further!  This is a very special greetings. Today, we announce the launch of our final MOOC Teaching Online, which completes the full Uncommon Sense Teaching Specialization. Hurray!

We should start by saying that courses about teaching online are often just repurposed general teaching courses where you can spend weeks revisiting dusty, often outmoded theory.  Not in our specialization!  In our latest course, you’ll see how insights from movie-making, along with core ideas how to motivate unmotivated students, form the heart of Teaching OnlineTeaching Online gives you a fresh perspective with important teaching-related ideas that weren’t covered in MOOCs 1 & 2!  In Teaching Online, you’ll learn, for example, not only how students form expertise—but you’ll also see what is going on in students’ brains as they sync together during social learning. You’ll also see what happens as Barb is almost eaten by a giant frog; Georgia Tech’s online learning expert, Professor David Joyner, insidiously steals bowls (and occasionally, the show); and our very own dear Terry Sejnowski dons his wizard cap. 

I​f you’re an educational administrator or business executive, you’ll find Teaching Online is terrific not only for university and K-12 instructors, but for industry trainers. If you want your instructors to really understand the practicalities of online teaching, from microphones, cameras, facial expressions, capturing attention, videotaping tricks to make teaching easier, and ultimately, make the information stick better, this is that course.  If you’re a Chief Learning Officer at a major corporation, you’ll find this course to be invaluable in helping your corporate trainers to up their game.  We pack more practically useful, in-depth content in one course than many universities do in entire specializations (and we’re funnier, too!) But there’s more!

MOOC 1: Uncommon Sense Teaching is like no other course on teaching—it weaves late-breaking insights from neuroscience with personal insights from the classroom to provide unexpected, yet practical, new approaches.  You’ll discover how to bring out the best from all your students in today’s diverse teaching environment, where students often have a wide range of abilities. 

MOOC 2: Uncommon Sense Teaching, Part 2 will help you discover the hidden strengths of neurodiversity, and the value of forgetting. It will also help you discover hidden insights about critical thinking which, oddly enough, relate to our habitual thinking patterns! 

You can sign up for the entire specialization. (Yes, it’s that good!)  Or you can instead audit each MOOC for free by going to the individual MOOC and choosing the audit option at the bottom of the registration.  The animations and illustrations used in each MOOC are available for free under each video, even if you are just auditing. (Your patience is appreciated, though—please give us another week to finalize and upload the gifs for Teaching Online).

So here, after 1.5 years of devoted labor, is the Uncommon Sense Teaching Specialization and its three MOOCs—you can take either MOOC 0 or MOOC 1 first, and enjoy MOOC 2 after MOOC 1.  Enjoy!

Uncommon Sense Teaching Specialization

That’s all for this week. Have a happy week in Learning How to Learn!

Barb, Terry, and the entire Learning How to Learn team

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