Greetings from Learning How to Learn! Apr 29, 2015

8th January 2017


We wanted to give you a little update on Learning How to Learn. It turns out that our course is Coursera’s most popular On Demand MOOC—we’re nearing million total students signed up from over 200 countries around the world! So where ever you are at in the course, we’re hoping you’re enjoying the materials!

• NEW BONUS INTERVIEWS Yesterday we posted two new bonus interviews–including this newest one with Nelson Dellis, 4 time USA memory champion. Discover how you, too, can help advance research into memory by taking the Dart Neuroscience Memory Challenge.

• BARB OAKLEY WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU! Barb will be speaking in Los Angeles at the UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative Symposium tomorrow (April 30th) and she’d love to meet you if you’re there. On May 7th, she’ll be speaking at Harvard about the behind-the-scenes creative process that helped launch Learning How to Learn. Please feel free to join her!

• A MIND FOR NUMBERS: INTERNATIONALLY POPULAR Thanks to your strong interest, A Mind for Numbers has become a New York Times science bestseller. Remember, it’s actually a very general book about learning that can help strengthen and reinforce your knowledge of the material. So get a copy to mark up, either digitally or by hand. Internationally, the Korean edition is available now, and Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Polish, German, Spanish, and Portuguese translations are coming soon.

• ENHANCE YOUR STATUS Many learners—even distinguished professionals—have found that featuring their Verified Certificates in their resumes or on their LinkedIn profiles enhances their professional credibility. If you are looking to build your career, or to impress managers or academic admissions officers, a Verified Certificate is the way to go.

Thanks for learning how to learn!

Barb Oakley, Terry Sejnowski, and the Learning How to Learn Team

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