Cheery Friday Greetings from Learning How to Learn! Sep 16, 2016

10th January 2017

Cheery Friday greetings to our Learning How to Learners!

Book of the Month

This month’s book of the month is, drumroll, an incredible book that has over 5,000 reviews on Amazon with a near 5 star average—virtually unheard of! The book is Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. As Barb’s daughter Rachel notes, “It’s beautifully written—not at all like you’d think from a book first written in the 1930s. A lot of people think it’s a book about manipulating people, but it’s really about training yourself to be better listener, a better communicator and a better person.” (And yes, here is Rachel obligingly backing a car into the ditch in Week 3 of Learning How to Learn.)

Success in Medical School

A surprising number of Learning How to Learn students are interested in medical school, or doing work in healthcare. There are three of the top guides that can help students prepare properly, even beginning with high school:

Also note that on Learning How to Learn we have a list of great learning resources for pre-med and medical school students, as well as doctors, here.

5 Minute Review of the Course

Take a look, if you’d like, at this wonderful 5 minute animation by Nathan Lozeron of the key ideas in A Mind for Numbers/ Learning How to Learn. If you’d like a quick review, this video is a good way to get them. You’ll also find a neat new pdf related to the book.

MOOCs of the Month

Our friends at Class Central have put together a wonderful list of MOOCs to help relieve stress: “Be Your Best You: 13 Free Online Courses To Kick Stress’s Ass!” Check ‘em out!

Learning How to Learn in Thai – มาร่วมเป็นส่วนหนึ่งของทีมผู้แปลได้แล้ววันนี้!

Thai speaking volunteers are welcome to join Phitchaya Monsintorn’s efforts to launch the Thai version of the course. Phitchaya (who goes by her nickname of “Yui”) has just joined the translation team as Thai Lead. She is an doctor currently working in the Yala province in Thailand, and she is passionate about learning. If you are willing and excited to be a part of Yui’s amazing team, please read the details in this thread to apply. Every volunteer will be appreciated. You can contact her via this e-mail: (There’s also a Thai discussion forum–feel free to chime in!)

That’s all for this week. Have a happy week in Learning How to Learn!

Barb, Terry, and the entire Learning How to Learn team

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