Cheery Friday greetings from Learning How to Learn! Oct 28, 2015

8th January 2017

Cheery greetings to our Learning How to Learners!

A Meetup in Singapore!

This week’s email is going out a little early because Barb is currently in Singapore, and she’d like to meet up with any local Learning How to Learners. Our meetup will be at the offices of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group (AKLTG):

Date: 1 November 2015 (Sunday)

Time: 10am

Venue: AKLTG Office 115 Eunos Ave 3 #05-04 Singapore 409839

Barb will be speaking at a parenting seminar together with Adam Khoo in the afternoon on November 1 to share learning tips for parents to help their children. There are 15 free tickets for Learning How to Learn students, their friends and family–just go to and use the promo code: BOLR

Incidentally, Barb had dinner with Yusoff Abdul Latiff and his family here in Singapore earlier this week. Yusuff took up painting portraiture in his retirement–the results are a stunning tribute to our abilities to learn new skills even as we grow older.)

Does Your Child Procrastinate?

We’re often asked what to do to help children improve habits that can lead them into procrastination. This book, Not Now, Maybe Later: Helping Children Overcome Procrastination, by Dr. Joanne Foster, gives some great ideas that might help.

A Podcast with Barb and Scott Barry Kaufman

Barb was on her friend Scott Barry Kaufman’s Psychology Podcast, talking about learning how to learn. Scott is a fascinating man who went from being relegated to special education as a child, to moving into the realms of the gifted–he is now a preeminent researcher and writer on intelligence and creativity. (He writes about his personal story in his book Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined.) Take a listen to the podcast if you’d like to hear more!

More about the Flash Anzan Method

A lot of you were fascinated by last week’s email where we mentioned Manabu Watanabe’s post about the Flash Anzan Method. Well, that wasn’t the end of the story–here’s Manabu’s further posting. (Press the “to be continued” section at the bottom and go on to the next page–the videos of the little girls calculating while playing a different game are really quite amazing.)

Have a happy week in Learning How to Learn!

Barb, Terry, and the entire Learning How to Learn team

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