Cheery Friday Greetings from Learning How to Learn! Jun 17, 2016

10th January 2017

Cheery Friday greetings to our Learning How to Learners!

Watch a Memory Competition, Live!

Long time Learning How to Learners know that we’re big fans of US Memory Champion Nelson Dellis. Nelson has his third annual memory competition happening in just under 2 weeks from now (June 24-26). It’s being hosted at Dart NeuroScience’s offices and boasts the top 24 memory athletes from around the WORLD, all competing for some $75,000 (not too shabby). The whole competition can be seen live online at There will be sports commentators livening up the high stress action.

Basic information on the competition and how it works can be found at: You’ll have a chance to see what a real memory competition looks like. As a bonus, there will be interviews and tips from the world’s greatest memory athletes and experts throughout the competition. Don’t miss it!

Sleepeven 30 minutes more helps improve learning and health

A great new study using smartphones has revealed people’s sleep patterns around the world. In the US, one in three adults aren’t getting the recommended minimum of seven hours of sleep, and in some other parts of the world, people are even more sleep deprived. Even half hour less sleep can have a big impact on cognitive function and long-term health. An interesting fact that this study brought to (sun) light is that people who spend some time in the sunlight each day tend to go to bed earlier and get more sleep than those who spend most of their time in indoor light. So if you get a chance to go outside today, take it. Incidentally, Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise, our popular book-of-the-month we recommended last week, has observed that professional musicians find additional naps to be a helpful part of their learning repertoire. If your work is intellectually intense, it may be especially important to guard your sleep!

Learning How to Learn in Georgian! როგორ ვისწავლოთ სწავლა – უკვე ქართულად!

We’d like to pass along an important message from a Learning How to Learner: “My name is Mari Chikvaidze and I am a new Georgian Lead trying to put the team of volunteers together for translating Learning How to Learn into Georgian language (ქართველებო, შემომიერთდით და ერთად გადავთარგმნოთ ეს სასარგებლო და პოპულარული კურსი – “როგორ ვისწავლოთ სწვავლა”!). Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn:

Book (and earmuffs) of the week

We’ve been reading the book Procrastinate On Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time, by Rory Vaden. It’s a straightforward read and a nice reminder about what’s important to keep your focus on.

Speaking of keeping focus, we like using earmuffs when we’re learning something really difficult. If you want to go low tech and cheap, we swear by the Peltor Sport Ultimate 10 Hearing Protector. (Yes, these earphones are the ones modeled by Barb’s older daughter in a week three video here). For a higher tech version, try these Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones. They aren’t as good as the low tech Peltor earmuffs. But they are slimmer and look less geeky if you might be wearing them on planes.

That’s all for this week. Have a happy week in Learning How to Learn!

Barb, Terry, and the entire Learning How to Learn team

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