Cheery Friday Greetings from Learning How to Learn! Jul 10, 2015

8th January 2017

Cheery Friday Greetings to our Learning How to Learners!

In a tradition he began in the first session of Learning How to Learn, Senior Mentor Cristian Artoni has created an amazing Hall of Fame. It features many of the terrific projects people have done for the previous session-based versions of the course. Now, in the on demand platform, join our Facebook group and post your masterpiece here. Or simply go there to post any article or thought that may improve your learning by teaching others how to learn.

And speaking of projects, if you ever have trouble writing up a project or report for work or school, please watch writing coach Daphne Gray-Grant’s wonderful bonus interview, here. We’re always hearing praise for Daphne’s ideas—as Daphne knows, writing is learning!

Notice the great new feature in the discussion forums—if you look over to the right of each post, you can not only see how many replies there are, but you can also see how many have viewed the post. Some posts have been viewed well over a thousand times, with fascinating questions and discussions, such as those related to Raymond C’s posting “Chunking for Physics vs Chunking for History.”

If you haven’t posted yet in the discussion forums, give it a try—and enjoy browsing the fascinating comments. If you have posted, go back to check the comments—and feel free to make more comments yourself!

Barb’s finally home after 2.5 months travelling in the US to spread the message of Learning How to Learn. Next up—Italy, where she’ll sneak in every second she can outside the IEEE-EMBS conference to learn more about the language and culture of this fascinating country.

Have a happy week in Learning How to Learn!

Barb, Terry, and the entire Learning How to Learn team

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